PS3 easier to work with than Xbox 360 - Guerrilla

Killzone maker defends platform

The PlayStation 3 has unfair reputation of being hard to create games for, but Killzone 2 developer Guerrilla believe the console is easier to work with than both the PS2 and the Xbox 360.

Chatting with GameDaily, director Hermen Hulst offered: "Like us, if you are native to PlayStation, our tech director doesn't say it's particularly difficult."

He continues: "It's specific, but it's not difficult like PS2 was difficult - PS2 was a difficult [machine] to crack, but PS3 didn't take us a long time to get up and running."

He does concede that the system is very "different" from its rivals, causing headaches for multi-platform game makers, but development boss Arjan Brussee reckons Sony's console is even easier to work with than the 360.

"I actually think PS3 is a simpler architecture than some of the other consoles; you just have to have a certain mindset on how to address it," he explains.

"I think the Cell-based processor with the SPUs and the super high speed DSPs that you can throw all your calculation tasks at gives us a model that's way easier to program for, even for junior programmers, than the general purpose multi-core type of architecture, which the PC and Xbox 360 have."

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