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Wolfenstein for iPhone was "surprise"

Carmack shocked own developer with work

Speaking to VentureBeat, id Software chief Todd Hollenshead has said that John Carmack surprised everyone at id by getting Wolfenstein on the iPhone working a week before anyone even knew about it.

"I got off the plane and all hell was breaking loose because someone wrote about how you could take a jail-broken iPhone and go to a secret web site to get Wolfenstein 3D Classic for free," revealed Hollenshead in a new interview.

"It was a secret page on ID's web site. It was really source code that John Carmack had staged to put the game up on the Apple App Store. One programmer speculated that search programs will do random searches on web sites until they find something. They found it, it got linked to.

"Then everybody wanted to download the game for free. But you couldn't do that. It was staged to go up on the Apple App Store."

Wolfenstein for iPhone is available for 4.99 USD, while other id classics are also on the way to Apple's handset, including the original Doom. How exciting.

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