German MP attacks violent games

Politician condemned over games rhetoric

According to GamePolitics, a German MP has attacked violent games, comparing them to child pornography and hard drugs.

Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann issued a press release demanding a crack down, suggesting that mature video games are a dangerous and harmful influence.

"Such games are one of the causes for youth violence and also for school shootings, where images from killer games become reality," reads the release, which warns that more children are increasingly addicted to such games, "and have no time left for school or job training, and are lost to our society."

Herrmann argues that adult games are "on the same level as child pornography and illegal drugs, the ban on which rightly is unquestioned."

However, several German trade bodies have already attacked the release, demanding an apology, while another politician described the comments as "unqualified".

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