Fils-Aime doesn't like used games

Says consumers don't, either

Nintendo of America boss man Reggie Fils-Aime isn't too enamoured of the used games market, hardly surprising really, the executive arguing that pre-owned games aren't in "consumers interests".

Speaking with VentureBeat, the outspoken chief said that gamers would rather have games they can keep hold of.

"More and more retailers are experimenting with the used game model. We don't believe used games are in the best interest of the consumer," he offered.

"We have products that consumers want to hold onto. They want to play all of the levels of a Zelda game and unlock all of the levels. A game like Personal Trainer Cooking has a long life. We believe used games aren't in the consumer's best interest."

Of course, games firms also dislike the used trade because they believe it deprives them of legitimate royalties.

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