Mass Effect could get space combat

Plot, romance and more discussed

BioWare's eagerly awaited Mass Effect 2 has been under the spotlight at GDC stateside, with a few more details on the RPG trilogy offered up to the teeming masses.

According to Mass Effect 2 project director Casey Hudson, speaking to GTTV, BioWare hope to add space combat to the trilogy at some point. Presumably in game number three.

"There is no actual space combat in Mass Effect 2, but thats something that we wanna have as part of the trilogy at some point," Hudson offers.

Those keeping their save games from the first Mass Effect will also be in for a treat, too: "If you chose to start a game by importing a Mass Effect save, your game will feel like your game. The first moment will be different."

"You'll be able to see the Elusive Man in Mass Effect 2," Hudson continues, promising a plot about Reapers - the future of the human race.

"There's gonna be more people that you can meet, that you can take with you on missions and stuff like that. So there's actually more romance options in Mass Effect 2."

More on Mass Effect 2 soon. Thanks VG247.

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