Microsoft won't make "Halo Kart"

Spencer pledges respect for IP

Speaking to Edge magazine, Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer has defended the decision to craft a Halo RTS title in the form of Halo Wars, assuring that the company won't ruin the IP by wringing every possible release out of the brand.

Indeed, Spencer says that Microsoft view Halo Wars as a way of introducing new fans to the series.

"With Halo Wars, we thought we had an interesting story, an interesting universe, and we were trying to find ways that we could expose that world to more people, maybe people who aren’t dual-thumb capable," he explains.

"It's not as if we're doing something like Halo Kart. That doesn't seem to move us forward with the IP."

Spencer hints that further forays into other genres are possible, as Microsoft look to a broader future for the Halo world, but that the brand won't be exploited. More shortly.

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