Dyack inspired by the power of the cloud

Consoles could be a thing of the past

Yet more on cloud computing now, which is very much flavour of the month at San Francisco's GDC it would seem, Silicon Knights' game designer Dennis Dyack stating that cloud technology is the future of the industry.

Speaking after the announcement of the OnLive 'on-demand' games console, which won't need technology to run games locally, Dyack enthused that such technology could make consoles as we know them a thing of the past.

"What hardware one runs behind the wall of the Cloud is unimportant; only what you are transmitting counts," Dyack told VentureBeat.

"Thus, the ultimate game console in the Cloud model is no console at all."

"In the Cloud, publishing and advertising become much easier," he beamed.

"With the Cloud, getting directly in touch with the consumer may be as simple as starting a website. This means that those people who can create ideas will ultimately become empowered and that the future is bright for game developers as the need for traditional publishing and distribution also is commoditized.

"If you are wondering about the technology for the Cloud, it already exits and we will likely see public tests in the near future."

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