Far Cry 2 linked to German school massacre

Ubisoft shooter joins Counter-Strike in the spotlight

First, we were told that the German teenager behind the murders of 15 people at his school last week was an avid Counter-Strike player, now, The Times reports that Tim Kretschmer was playing Far Cry 2 the night before he committed the atrocity.

The British newspaper suggests that the troubled 17 year-old played the FPS title, released last year, for over two hours the evening before the massacre, and "remarkable parallels" between his experience in the game and the events that transpired are noted by the publication.

Apparently, the Beretta 92 handgun featured in the game was also the murder weapon - fired 112 times - while the title also features the aiming, firing and re-loading of the handgun in question in "vivid" detail.

The report tempers this connection by adding that it is "nonsense" to suggest the game could be to blame, the teenager having also played Counter-Strike during the evening, as previously mentioned.

Still, these shocking events in Germany have once again placed gaming in the spotlight, politicians on the continent already calling for stronger legislation and more research.

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