Sony agrees a 15 million USD settlement for the 2011 data breach

Deal won't be approved until next summer though

Sony has agreed a settlement worth 15 million USD in the law suit filed against them for the data breach that brought down PSN for well over a month back in 2011.

The deal could see those affected by the 2011 security breach paid in free PS3 and PSP games, free PS Plus subscriptions, free PS3 themes, free access to Music Unlimited and even SOE Station cash according to new documents released by the court.

Those who participated in the scheme which saw PSN users compensated with free games for the breach will be eligible to receive one free game, theme or PS Plus benefit on a first-come, first-served basis capped at 4 million USD. Those who didn't will receive two of the previously mentioned benefits again on a first-come, first-served basis, this time capped at 6 million USD. Sony agrees a 15 million USD settlement for the 2011 data breach

Qriocity users affected by the breach will receive one month's free access to Music Unlimited and affected SOE users will see their accounts credited with 4.50 USD.

The deal is yet to be approved by a judge and the hearing to do so is not scheduled until May the 1st 2015 so don't get excited about the freebies just yet.

Thanks Polygon.

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