Games under spotlight after German shooting

New powers considered after school massacre

The horrifying event that took place in Germany earlier this week has once again put violent games firmly in the political spotlight, after it emerged that the teenager behind a brutal school shooting was an avid Counter-Strike player.

Tim Kretschmer took fifteen lives in the German town of Winnenden, before he himself was killed in a shoot-out with police. The 17 year-old gunman is being portrayed as something of a loner in the media, but German Foundation for Crime chief Hans-Dieter Schwind has also called for a ban on violent games in the aftermath of this shocking crime.

Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian interior minister, is also demanding a new debate on the topic of games, while European politicians in Strasbourg are also debating new powers to punish retailers selling violent games to youngsters.

It is unlikely that the political fallout from this event will stop with gaming, but for now it seems likely that interactive entertainment will be under scrutiny, especially on shocked mainland Europe. Thanks GamePolitics.

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