GTA IV Episode Two DLC this year

Take-Two talk dates and more

Giant US publisher Take-Two (owners of Rockstar) have been unveiling their financial results for the quarter that ended on January 31st, the latest briefing to investors revealing that the second slice of episodic GTA IV content will be released this year.

The Xbox 360 content will be released during Take-Two's 2009 financial year, which concludes in October. Sadly, the publisher wouldn't let slip what the next episode will be called, or what it'll be about.

The new financial report also reveals that BioShock 2, Beaterator, Borderlands, Don King Boxing, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Mafia II, Major League Baseball 2K9, NBA 2K10, NHL 2K10, Red Dead Redemption and The BIGS 2 will be released during the present financial year.

Take-Two wouldn't reveal how many copies of GTA IV's Lost and Damned DLC have been downloaded so far, while BioShock 2 is still without platform detailing - speculation rife that the FPS could make it to the PS3 on day one; alongside the Xbox 360.

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