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60fps the limit for Doom 3

Carmack knows the speed limit

One for the hardcore PC gamers this morning, as IGN report on the state of Doom 3 from an Nvidia press event stateside. During the event, the attendant journalists were informed by id Software engine guru John Carmack that Doom 3 framerates will be capped at 60 frames per second. Which at first seemed odd, but Carmack explained:

The game tic simulation, including player movement, runs at 60hz, so if it rendered any faster, it would just be rendering identical frames. A fixed tic rate removes issues like Quake 3 had, where some jumps could only be made at certain framerates. In Doom, the same player inputs will produce the same motions, no matter what the framerate is.

Whether capping the game at this seemingly necessary frame rate will make it more plausible for the optimised technology to push this rate on a broader (read: more lowly) range of machines is unknown. Quite what effect a lower framerate will have on gameplay is also a concern; we'll find out when the game is released next year.

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