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Lost and Damned sells a million?

Pachter has faith in 360 DLC

Rockstar and Microsoft's lips are sealed over the current sales total achieved by the Xbox 360's Lost and Damned GTA IV DLC, but that hasn't stopped Michael Pachter predicting that downloads have reached one million, with more to come.

The Wedbush Morgan analyst believes sales of the exclusive DLC are now into seven-figures, and that this will double to two million before 2009 is out, reports.

Looking further ahead, Pachter suggests that the second slice of Xbox 360 DLC will arrive before the end of Rockstar's financial year concluding October 31st.

Finally, Pachter believes that a brand new Grand Theft Auto game will be with us before the end of 2010, and will make Rockstar more money thanks to the benefits of a larger console user-base.

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