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New Fallout 3 DLC detailed

The Pitt is just weeks away

Bethesda's next slice of downloadable content for RPG smash Fallout 3 has been confirmed for release this month by the US RPG developer.

Called The Pitt, the next slab of Xbox 360 exclusive content will arrive on March 24th, and will follow on from the Operation Anchorage content already released for the game.

The Pitt was mentioned in the full game release, but will now be brought to vivid life via this new DLC. The area is billed as an industrial raider town located in the remains of Pittsburgh, 500 kilometers northwest of Washington.

The Pitt is apparently a place where three irradiated rivers come together and many of the towns inhabitants are mutated; a place of savage history, controlled by the Brotherhood of Steel.

More on this DLC as we get it.

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