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Tekken 6 pushing 360 limits

Next system could be informed by Namco release

Katsuhiro Harada, one of the senior developers behind Namco Bandai's Tekken 6, has said that his new game is pushing the very limits of the Xbox 360 console, and that his game may have an influence over the specifications of the system's eventual successor.

"It is a challenge to fit this game onto one DVD and to make sure the data is read at a fast rate," Harada explained in a new interview.

"It is essential to utilize the 360's functions and strengths to the fullest in order to accomplish the same goal. I believe that the data and experience gained during development may affect development of the next iteration of the console."

Harada's title was conceived originally for the PS3, and squeezing the game on to the 360 seems to be quite a task, the designer struggling to ensure the title runs at a smooth 60fps on the new hardware.

More on Tekken 6's move to the Xbox 360 as we get it.

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