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A Boy and his Blob confirmed for Wii

Classic set for return

A Boy and his Blob is on the way to the Wii, Majesco set to deliver this puzzle title to Nintendo's 'disruptive' lounge box.

We're promised that the game will offer hand-drawn visuals, and 'painted' animation, as part of gameplay that will see players battling monsters, solving puzzles and generally using a 'blob' to beat environmental challenges.

Yes, the blob in question can take on various shapes, such as ladders and balloons, in order to help the titular 'boy' overcome the obstacles he will face.

"When A Boy and his Blob first appeared in 1989, it captured the imagination of gamers everywhere with its heartwarming storyline and unique gameplay," beams Majesco’s Gui Karyo.

"Twenty years later, we are proud to bring an updated - yet still charming - reimagining of this beloved title to a new generation of Wii players."

A release this autumn is mooted.

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