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Guerrilla consider Killzone 2 control options

Changes are now possible

With Killzone 2 now riding high in the charts following a PS3 exclusive release last week, developer Guerrilla Games are looking to perfect the experience, and are considering changes to the game's controls.

While the new FPS has been a hit with gamers and critics alike, the vary rare instances of complaint have often been linked with the game's control scheme; players bemoaning necessary changes from the off.

In a PlayStation forums update, producer Seb Downie offers: "1. We have not decided if we are going to do anything to the controls. We are investigating. 2. If we change them, we have not said how. No reason to get upset. We are not going to turn them on their head. It would not be sweeping changes. 3. Any potential changes made will be carefully analyzed and tested to ensure they do not negatively affect players who do not experience any issues."

So, there we have it, Guerrilla are looking at it.

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