Midway note Mortal Kombat interest

Publishers circle fighting IP?

With Midway showing all signs of sinking like a stone (we were warned yesterday that the embattled game publisher is burning through cash at an alarming rate), reports reach us today suggesting that there has already been significant interest in the Mortal Kombat IP.

Midway's Geoff Mogilner told MTV that the rights to the fighting series are already sparking the attention of other games publishers, who were alerted when Midway announced the rights to the brand were up for sale yesterday.

Apparently, Mortal Kombat has earned Midway 1.5 billion USD since debuting. Midway's situation, meanwhile, is believed to be increasingly dire.

"There are conversations for certain," the exec added on the prospect of a sale. "I can't say whether this is something that would have happened otherwise. There's definitely interest in Mortal Kombat. I'm not going to lie about that."

Meanwhile, the Mortal Kombat team are said to be starting work on a new game engine.

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