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Ready at Dawn deny PSP2 knowledge

Despite God of war PSP rumours...

Over the last couple of weeks the wires have gone wild with speculation regarding a new PSP model, the long-speculated PSP-4000. Long-term PSP developer Ready at Dawn, however, are claiming to know nothing of a new device.

Ready at Dawn are of course the studio behind the wonderful God of War: Chains of Olympus, and given that this is a Sony-backed title you might imagine the developer has the inside track on hardware matters. Not so, apparently.

"You know, the way these things work is that, ironically, even if there was a new PSP in the works we would probably be the last people to find out about it," CEO Didier Malenfant revealed to Edge.

"I really have no clue what Sony’s plans are."

The developer are said to be working on a second PSP God of War game, so you'd expect that they might know something, if indeed there is something to know. More news as E3 nears?

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