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Ninja Gaiden 2 DLC in price cut

Deal of the Week revealed

Last week we were offered Braid at a bargain 800 Microsoft Points price-point, and this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week is Ninja Gaiden 2's Mission Mode content pack - down 33% at 560 Microsoft Points.

The pack normally costs 800 points, and this deal will only run for a week so if you're a fan Tecmo's ultra-hard fighting opus then now might be the time to get involved with this game-extending add-on.

This DLC delivers to us a brand new Mission Mode, self-contained missions featuring trials absent from the original release. Karma Attack and Survival modes are mooted by Tecmo, who also introduce new leaderboards using this content.

Care to squeeze yet more unrelenting gaming challenges out Ninja Gaiden 2?

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