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Lost and Damned DLC breaks records

Top sales for Rockstar's exclusive content

Rockstar's Xbox 360 exclusive Lost and Damned downloadable content for GTA IV has broken download records, according to word in from Microsoft today, who are no doubt rather pleased with the content's performance.

Day one sales were apparently far higher than any other item sold via the Xbox Live Marketplace, perhaps going someway to justifying the rumoured 50 million USD Microsoft is said to have paid to secure exclusive content for the game.

We haven't heard exactly how much revenue has been taken so far, or indeed how many times the episode has been downloaded, but we imagine Microsoft will fill us in once the number is sufficiently huge.

The Lost and Damned switches GTA IV's focus from Niko to Johnny and his biker gang, offering us a brand new story to enjoy, and a range of multiplayer modes.

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