New Worms title for XBLA

Aussie censors let slip new downloadable

Australia's censors board have let slip a new game this morning, revealing to us that those pesky Worms are once again heading to the Xbox Live Arcade in a new adventure.

Team 17's latest creation will apparently be called Worms Armageddon Decade. Given that it is Microsoft specifically who have applied for certification, it seems likely that this game is rather different from the Worms title also on the way to the PS3's PSN.

Worms, in case you've been living in a small, discarded can of baked beans, is a turn-based strategy game that pits teams of ultra violent 'worms' against one another, using a range of colourful and destructive weapons.

Hopefully we'll have more on this new look Worms game, soon.

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