Next Battlefield and Mass Effect 2 target 2010

Giant IPs mooted by EA

Having confirmed a loss of over 600 million dollars for the third-quarter, EA have been talking up their outlook, the embattled publisher announcing that Mass Effect 2 and a Battlefield: Bad Company sequel will step into the limelight during the first three months of 2010.

Word has it that Mass Effect 2 will be released for the PC and Xbox 360, while the next Battlefield game from DICE (which we believe was to be shown at a canceled EA event on Monday) will be a multi-platform title.

Speculation is rife online, debating whether the next Mass Effect game will make it to the PS3 or not - the first title in the RPG trilogy famously being an Xbox 360 console exclusive, of course.

Alongside these big names, EA hope sequels for Need for Speed, Madden, Harry Potter and The Sims can give the publisher a more positive performance in 2009.

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