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New iPhone to offer renewed gaming clout?

June debut hinted

Rumour in today from Apple Insider suggests that a new model of the iPhone could be unveiled in June, the next device set to include more powerful graphics capabilities, designed to further bolster gaming on the phone.

Although only a rumour at present, June would be one year after the iPhone 3G was revealed, various references to the next gadget having already been spied.

Speculation has it that this new iPhone will see Apple completely rebuild the phone's architecture, offering far greater advancements than the previous upgrade.

It seems as if Apple has forged new partnerships with a number of manufacturers, and that this will see the iPhone using 'System on a Chip' components, presumably of the non-edible kind.

ARM processor cores are mooted, while PowerVR/Imagination Technologies hardware looks set to deliver vastly improved graphical capabilities, which should give game designers much more to play with, as well as potentially paving the way for older releases on the iPhone.

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