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Let's Tap set for Europe and America

Sega reveal release plans for Wii exclusive

Sonic creator Yuji Naka was in London today, the game design veteran on hand to confirm that innovative Wii title Let's Tap is on the way to Europe.

The game, already released in Japan, is all about 'tap-based' controls, players drumming away on a box, upon which the Wiimote is perched. We played it today, and it was actually rather fun - and certainly seems to offer more depth and ambition than typical Wii 'casual' affairs.

Developed by Naka's Prope outfit, publisher Sega claim this is the world's first game that doesn't use a controller - vibration being the key. We though it was pretty joyful, and also enjoy watching Naka-san himself lose to one particularly skilled journalist at today's event. No, it wasn't me, sadly.

Let's Tap includes five game modes, an unusual visual style, and could be a real treat when it arrives this summer in Europe and America. We'll have a preview and an interview on this in due course.