Konami move to the USA

Living the American dream...

Following in the footsteps of the UK's Robbie Williams, Konami have taken the step of moving their HQ to LA in a bid to boost their popularity in North America. The newly formed Konami Digital Entertainment will be headed by Kazumi Kitaue, the Japanese firm's current Executive Corporate Officer.

"LA is known as the centre for worldwide entertainment," Kitaue told MCV. "We believe that LA is the ideal location for strengthening Konami's content business strategy. This move will provide us with the proximity to the partners that will allow us to maintain and expand Konami's position as a front runner in the digital entertainment industry, and lead to further growth in Konami's global business."

Does this mean a change in the focus of their products to a more Americanised 'feel', too? Let's hope not.

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