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New Crackdown once again hinted

Ruffian behind next title?

Yet more rumour this afternoon pertaining to the longed-for continuation of the Crackdown series, which has been speculated for some months. Tittle-tattle today (thanks VG247), suggests that Scottish start-up Ruffian could be behind the new game.

Ruffian is of course formed by several ex-Realtime Worlds staffers, the developer behind the first Crackdown, and this news even hints that a new game could be with us as soon as winter 2009 or early 2010.

Speculation refers to the title as Crackdown 1.5; the game to be set in the same city as Realtime's 360 exclusive original. Multiplayer is also set to play a major role.

Meanwhile, Realtime have previous said that they are in negotiations with IP owners Microsoft about a sequel, the developer adamant that they should be allowed to make the sequel. Firm news on all this very soon, we hope.

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