No Spore sequel this year

Roarty focussing on growth of original game

Speaking with this website as part of a new preview of Spore Galactic Adventures, EA's executive producer for the IP, Morgan Roarty, has assured that no Spore 2 will emerge in 2009.

Roarty revealed that expanding the PC original - via add-ons like Galactic Adventures - and taking the series off to pastures new, was Maxis' plan for the year ahead.

Spore will get a new release on the Wii, while not one but two DS titles based on the IP will be crafted.

Discussing the new PC expansion itself, Roarty also revealed to us that this wasn't the first idea mooted for an add-on pack, the game enhancing the Space stage portion of the original game, as opposed to offering fresh depth to the whole experience, as originally considered.

More in the full preview.

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