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GTA IV DLC priced at Rockstar

But weeks to go, now

Rockstar have at last revealed more concrete plans regarding the Xbox 360 exclusive DLC on the way for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and the Damned content arriving on February 17th costing 1600 Microsoft Points.

1600 smackers is of course at the higher end of the DLC pricing scale, but this is GTA IV, and it is 360 exclusive, so we assume Microsoft are eager to recoup some of the green-backs splashed out securing the new episode.

The new DLC will see us leaving the world of Niko behind, tagging along with biker Johnny, who will apparently be dabbling in all kinds of naughtiness in Rockstar's open-world action hit. More team-focussed missions are mooted, and your cohorts will toughen up as you progress through shoot-outs.

We'll bring you more on this new content, soon.

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