Four Spore titles in-bound from EA

Maxis keeping busy in 2009

EA's embargo has now lifted and we can confirm that four new Spore titles are on the way from EA this year. Two titles will be released for the DS, one for the Wii, and a new PC expansion pack for Maxis' hit (which you may have already heard about).

Spore Creature Creator does exactly what it says on the tin and it will hit the DS this summer, delivering an easy to pick-up creation tool for younger players. It will be joined on the handheld by Spore Hero Arena, an accompaniment to the Wii title also in the works.

The Wii will be getting Spore Hero, you see, which EA seem to be billing as a fairly complete Spore experience, designed specifically for Nintendo's disruptive lounge box, albeit with a leaning towards more structured, linear gameplay.

Lastly, PC add-on Galactic Adventures is on the way, allowing players to create and share narrative-driven adventures set in the colourful world of the game - complete with all the freedom you'd expect from Will Wright's opus.

More on all these titles in due course.

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