Rockstar say 'no' to GTA V this year

DLC the focus for 2009?

According to the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, Rockstar could be readying a brand new, full sequel to Grand Theft Auto IV, which will be released this year. sadly, this just isn't true, according to the latest word from the publisher itself.

The magazine had reported that 'loose talk' let slip the firm's 2009 plans for a new GTA title (which could have been set in Tokyo, we heard), but Kotaku have also had a few words, learning that Grand Theft Auto V won't emerge this year.

The blog were told there is "no truth" in the rumours surrounding a new title, on a par with GTA: San Andreas. We do hear that a second slice of DLC following The Lost and Damned will arrive before Christmas 2009.

While no new game is likely to emerge then, it sounds as if Rockstar could be plotting more than two episodic releases for GTA IV, the publisher hinting that there is more potential there, while there's also the possibility of PS3 content further down the line.

More GTA tittle-tattle as we get it.

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