Live and PSN in fashion tussle

Are Avatars the new red?

As the PS3 and the Xbox 360 snarl at each other across a crowded dance floor, eying the bevy of lovely consumers gyrating in the centre (I think this metaphor's gone far enough - Ed), the PSN and Xbox Live online services are also locked in battle.

Its a battle for the non-hardcore, the casual / social gamer, and while the New Xbox Experience and its related Avatars root for Microsoft, Sony counter with their 3D social world, Home.

Clothing is the latest area of conflict, both services offering up fresh wardrobes this week, hoping to curry favour with fashion conscious gamers. Avatars now get fresh items of dress available in all regions, while new get-up for Home is only on offer in Japan so far.

Expect this accessorizing to literally never end.

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