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BlowOut set for Xbox Originals

Terminal Reality action game set for return

The Xbox Originals store on Xbox Live is set to get a new game soon, Microsoft confirming that Terminal Reality hit BlowOut is the next title destined for the store, which sells older Xbox titles such as the original Halo or Fable.

This is one of the less glamorous re-releases enabled by the Originals service, and we're told by the GSBlog that BlowOut will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points at launch.

Described best as a 'run and gun' action game with a retro feel, BlowOut was released in 2004 and did... okay. The plot features a space marine investigating strange goings on at a research platform, but we won't hold that against it. Much.

What do you folks make of this renaissance - a good choice? Or would you prefer another game enjoy a return to the limelight?

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