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Half-Life 2 leak: more than Source awry

Beta version loose on net

As the plot thickens surrounding the theft of the Half-Life 2 source code from developer Valve Software, and the publisher subsequently confirms a product delay as a result, it now also looks like the thieves may have acquired more than just the code that runs the game, but parts of the title's content as well, reports CNN.

Along with the source code, a whole host of maps and other parts of the game are apparently turning up online through the original hackers. It seems that what's now doing the rounds online through various file-sharing means is actually a beta build of the game from late September, though how complete it is remains unclear.

Screenshots from the newly playable swag have apparently begun turning up in various game forums and fan sites, with one user commenting that the beta's content was still largely unfinalised despite it's reported recentness.

The size and completeness of this stolen game is unknown at this time, and neither publisher or developer have commented, however what is now clear is that this situation is now escalating for all concerned and that this leak will have a profound effect on when, and possibly even how we'll be getting our hands on the completed Half-Life 2 next April.

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