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Killzone 2 promises moral ambiguity

No multiplayer cliches, either

Speaking with this website, Killzone 2 game director Mathijs de Jonge has said that Guerrilla and Sony's new first-person shooter will offer a plot filled with moral ambiguity, and won't be a typical sci-fi 'good vs. bad' affair.

"I don’t want to spoil the story too much but one thing I want to say is that Killzone 2 doesn’t have a regular black and white, good guys vs bad guys/aliens story," the game maker told us.

"It’s much more gray, in the middle – are you really on the good side?"

Chatting in a new interview, we were also told to expect something unique on the multiplayer front, despite some stiff competition in this area.

De Jonge offered: "We really aimed to make Killzone 2 stand on its own, you can't directly compare it to anything out there. Of course we looked at big titles like CoD4 but we wanted to make Killzone 2 Multiplayer its own unique experience. The Killzone universe, the graphical quality and the unique mix of tactical and customizable gameplay make Killzone 2 multiplayer unlike anything you've played before."

More in the full interview.

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