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Fable 2 Knothole Island DLC hits Live

RPG content is go

The long-awaited Knothole Island downloadable content for Fable 2 is now available on the Xbox Live, and can be yours for 800 Microsoft Points.

The new pack adds new locations to Lionhead's hit 360 exclusive RPG, and will of course usher in new characters, quests and more besides.

A mystery island setting is promised, and there you will find some of Albion's more unusual weapons, potion and erm clothes. A set of 50 new leaderboards will be added to in tandem with this.

A patch for Fable 2 has been released, allowing non-purchasers to continue co-op play with their pals, as well as giving thrifty types access to a few tantalising goodies from the content pack.

Lionhead tell us the new content will last around four hours, if you're in no rush.

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