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Left 4 Dead update looms

Fresh patch soars into range

The latest word in from Valve this week reveals that the developer are closing in on the release of a new patch for PC zombie-shooting hit Left 4 Dead, the new update should be released by the end of the week, we hear.

"The problem on the PC side was a few large bugs affected other systems that we were going to rewrite on the PC so we ended up waiting to fix a whole class of bugs instead of just individual bugs," offered developer Chet Faliszek on the Steam forums, later telling ShackNews of Valve's release plans for the long-awaited patch.

"Also for the patching, the real key is to patch more often and not wait for everything to accumulate. Because of a perfect storm of events, this patch got larger than we would have liked and that really snowballed the time it is taking."

More on Left 4 Dead soon, hombres.

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