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Big update for Fable 2 live

Fixes galore

Lionhead have used the usual weekend lull to introduce their long-awaited update for Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Fable 2. The new patch addresses a number of bugs, and will be installed when you next launch the game.

First up is a fix for the Monk's Quest part of the game, which prevents the Abbott from stalling if you leave before he stops talking, while in the Rescue My Baby segment you can now interact with objects after the rescue.

Those with the Collector's Edition of the game should now be able to retrieve their items, while in The Spire the ship's captain now functions correctly. Likewise, players won't now get stuck during the Hero of Skill quest, or in the Trouble in Bloodstone part.

These fixes are just the tip of the iceberg, apparently, and this patch will be implemented ahead of the Knothole Island DLC release.

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