New Nintendo patent suggests hint system

New approach for casual gamers?

A new patent filing undertaken by Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto hints at a new hints system the platform holder have been working on, presumably in a bid to continue luring non-tradition gamers into their mainstream-bating fold.

The US patent filing, revealed today (thanks Kotaku), tries to help keep gamers interested in games by offering optional assistance, but not in a manner off-putting to hardcore gamers.

The system will basically allow the game to play itself for a duration of the player's choosing, helping casual types negate difficult parts of the experience, or ust race ahead through the game in a time-saving manner. The same system will allow players to skip around in a game, but will stop short of allowing saves, maintaining a competitive element.

It is unclear exactly how Miyamoto's new system would be implemented in real games, this is only a patent after all, but it could encourage players to complete games. Alternatively, it could make titles into an experience more movie-like or - worse - a giant cut-scene.

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