Redundancies hit Tomb Raider developer

Lay-offs follow Lara sales news

With Eidos having conceded that Tomb Raider: Underworld hasn't sold in the quantities they might have hoped, we learn this morning that the US developer behind the project - Crystal Dynamics - are laying-off 30 workers.

Word of the lay-offs comes from US blog Kotaku, who have been informed of the departures by an insider source.

Crystal Dynamics will try to run a tighter ship in the future, apparently, increasing efficiency with jobs shed in every area of the company.

Eidos, meanwhile, blamed Tomb Raider's below par sales on the economic outlook, which has forced retailers to implement discounting, while the festive season saw an intense battle for shelf space.

Eidos' forecast for the year was cut by 20 million GBP following this admission.

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