Activision see games eclipsing other media

Griffith points to bold future

Speaking at the CES expo in Las Vegas last week, Activision boss Mike Griffith has predicted that games will "eclipse" other forms of entertainment.

During a keynote address at the influential show, the executive said that games were gathering pace all the time, while more traditional media declines. Movies, music and television are on the way down, the boss affirms.

Ever improving technology linked to more social gaming and interactivity will spearhead gaming's dominance according to Griffith, US numbers showing that between 2003 and 2007, movie tickets, TV viewing and music sales slumped.

Over the same period, game sales have leapt a whopping 40%. "Music has a history of evolving through technology and we are at the beginning of the latest chapter in that story," the big cheese beamed, speaking of Guitar Hero's influence.

Griffith credits part of the gaming boom upon the rise of alternative controllers, such as those included with Guitar Hero, or the Wiimote. "The one thing that is for sure is entertainment is changed forever with gaming," he concludes.

Source: BBC

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