ESRB reveals new Guitar Hero for DS

Website reveals next handheld outing

The next version of Guitar Hero for the DS handheld emerges this weekend, the ESRB revealing that previously trademarked Activision title Guitar Hero Modern Hits will be the next iteration in the music series for Nintendo's portable device.

As usual, this news comes via a leak from the Electronic Software Ratings Board, who are frequently caught out inadvertently confirming unannounced videogame releases.

The ESRB also lets slip that tracks such as Sum 41's "Still Waiting", Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" and Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer" will be included - noting that they include potentially offensive lyrics.

Beyond the "Modern Hits" tag, it sounds from the Board's description as if this will be a fairly standard Guitar Hero offering, although quite what Activision will do once the DSi dispenses with the GBA slot used by the game's controller remains unclear.

Well-spotted Kotaku.

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