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Puzzle Arcade hitting the Arcade this week

Out tomorrow

It may be Christmas Eve tomorrow, but the Xbox Live Arcade is still being updated; well, it is Wednesday, after all. Puzzle Arcade from Eidos is the order of the day, how "fitting" (ha!).

The jigsaw puzzle game can be yours for 800 Microsoft Points, and will deliver 35 puzzles for players to piece together, across three difficulty levels, taking in Classic and Turbo modes.

Eidos also include "fractal" puzzles, completed puzzles contributing to one massive image.

If you want to - and this is a bit niche - you can even take a snapshot of yourself using the Vision Cam, for turning into a new jigsaw for assembling. Well, that's an option, anyway.

Online head-to-head battles are possible, or you can play locally, too. More soon.

E3 Trailer