New Zelda title mooted for 2009

Princess Peach game, too

According to Lazard Capital analyst Colin Sebastian (thanks GameSpot) a new Zelda title is likely to be released by Nintendo in 2009, and that this major release will see game sales up 5%.

Apparently, a new Princess Peach offering from the Big N is also likely to see release next year, while the executive expects to see the next Grand Theft Auto title in 2010.

Sebastian's research-led predictions are based on educated guesswork, rather than in-depth publisher-centred knowledge, but given that Nintendo have previously teased over a new Zelda game this does sound plausible.

The Princess Peach game does however seem to be based on industry knowledge; while no one was expecting a new GTA outing in 2009 anyway... more on all this, such as it is, as we get it.

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