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Braben claims Elite: Dangerous is future-proof

Frontier plans to update the game visuals every 2 years

Frontier boss David Braben has made the bold claim that their upcoming space title Elite: Dangerous will be future-proof.

The series co-creator is very proud of the scaleability of the engine that they have created for the game will mean that while your current PC may not be able to handle all of the impressive 4K visuals at the high-end of the game's performance spectrum your future PCs will. He added that they plan to update the game's capabilities every two years to help keep it relevant.

“We’re going through some wonderful effects internally that look truly beautiful,” he explained, “and we’re saying, that slows the framerate a bit, doesn’t it? And we say yes, but we don’t mind, because it looks so beautiful. [So] what we’re going to do is attach it to this part of the detail slider. Or we’ll call it out as a tick box.” Braben claims Elite: Dangerous is future-proof

He added, “Moore’s law is our friend. Even if your PC of today can’t run with all the features on, your PC of tomorrow might. And so I love the idea of being pretty future proofed."

Thanks Eurogamer.

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