Rockers profit from music games

Aerosmith earn big from Guitar Hero

Musicians whose tracks are included in big-hitting music titles like Rock Band and Guitar Hero could be making more money from the games than they do from their album sales, that's the word from the Associated Press this afternoon.

Aerosmith, for example, reportedly made more money from their official Guitar Hero game than they did from their last two albums; Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers having also seen earnings soar.

"There are literally probably 2 million songs out there, and fewer than a 1,000 were used in these two games combined in these last two years," analyst Michael Pachter said on the role of music games, also explaining why Warner are involved, despite their criticism of the royalties paid for the games. "If Warner wants to say we’ll take our 20 percent of the market and go away, a lot of bands are going to leave the label if they think they can get better exposure by being on these games."

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