Realtime Worlds still eying Crackdown 2

Hopeful over sequel chances, still

With as many as six Realtime Worlds developers - including Crackdown lead designer Billy Thompson - jumping ship to form new studio Ruffian Games, rumours online point to the possibility that it is to this start-up Microsoft will look for the development of a long-overdue Crackdown sequel.

Realtime Worlds, however, tell VG247 this week that they would be very surprised to see Crackdown 2 created by a rival start-up, Realtime boss Colin MacDonald suggesting that talks were ongoing over a new game.

The studio chief tells us it is unlikely "that Microsoft would harm an otherwise fruitful existing development relationship by gambling on funding Crackdown 2 with a startup on RTW’s doorstep, for obvious reasons."

GTA mastermind Dave Jones, meanwhile, says that were Crackdown 2 created elsewhere then he would like to see it made by a "renowned developer", who can do the name justice, not a fledgling start-up.

Realtime Worlds are also quick to point out that the majority of the original Crackdown team remain with them, and are working on APB and a major, unannounced secret project.

More on all this soon.

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