Midway eye open-world future

Designer believes his team can take on GTA

Speaking with this site about new open-world driving title Wheelman, Midway Newcastle's lead designer Simon Woodroffe has said that his team believe they can make a "genuinely competitive open-world game," an unofficial sequel to Wheelman which "could compete with GTA or games like it."

He explained: "We've got a streaming world working in Unreal, we've got all the advanced driving moves, all the helper systems that have taken a long time to develop. They would find a place in any game we'd want to make next. It would be great to take the next steps.

"Wheelman's given us an awesome platform to start making a real, genuinely competitive open-world game, something that could compete with GTA or games like it. I think that from the platform we have now we'll be able to focus on the gameplay mechanics. Iteration. Cool and original stuff, as opposed to having to solve all the basic problems that every developer trying to get into this genre faces."

Our full interview will be published this week, watch this space.

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