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PS4 costs around 381 USD per unit

Analysis firm costs out the PS4's components

Research and analysis firm IHS has done an analysis of what the PS4's components cost to work out that each costs Sony 381 USD to make.

Using teardown analysis IHS has worked out that the AMD processor that powers the PS4 costs 100 USD, the 16 512MB memory chips costs 88 USD, the Seagate HDD is 37 USD and the wireless chips from Marvell and Skyworks and the Blu-ray drive costs 28 USD. That amounts to 253 USD for the console's main components.

IHS analyst Andrew Rassweiler noted the unusual size of the AMD processor saying, “This chip is just gigantic. It’s almost three times as big as the next biggest chip we’ve seen.” PS4 costs around 381 USD per unit

For the PS4 DualShock 4 controller costs around 18 USD to make including a Bosch motion sensor chip, Quallcomm Bluetooth chips and a Wolfson Microelectronics audio chip.

IHS's figures costed the PS3 out at around 805 USD to make at launch meaning that the PS4 should help Sony turn their business around.

The PS4 is out now in the US and is due to hit Europe in November the 29th. Japanese gamers will have to wait until February to get their hands on the PS4.

Thanks AllthingsD via GameSpot.

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