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Namco chase Western audience with new Tekken

Hence Xbox 360 plans

An Xbox 360 version of Tekken 6 may have taken some by surprise, Namco Bandai not known for their support of Microsoft next-generation system; but a release on the 360 is apparently essential for the publisher if they hope to garner an international audience.

Speaking with UK website Kikizo, Tekken front-man Katsuhiro Harada said that his team simply couldn't ignore the clout of the Xbox 360 in Europe and North America.

"We love the [PlayStation brand]. But rather than some fans feeling disappointed, there are a lot of Xbox users out there at the moment, and a great deal of fans who only have an Xbox and really want to play Tekken, which is the number one in the fighting genre," Harada-san offered.

He continued revealing that "it’s also the timing at this point - at the moment we have two high spec consoles on the market at the same time; the Xbox has a huge installed base in Europe and America. So it was more about trying to answer the fans’ requests and having as many as possible be able to get the game - that was the objective there."

More on Tekken as we get it.

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